Taste of Creede- Memorial Day Fun

Sunday in Creede was made for Artists and Spectators. What a beautiful day and crowds gathered before noon to watch preparations for the 1 o'clock Quick Draw where artists create a painting in 1 hour.
There is always a lot of good energy and high spirits as artists work and spectators wander in and around the action to hone in on pieces that they will want to bid on at the auction immediately following.
I was able to finish a painting in the morning before the quick draw and a second during the Quick Draw - BOTH sold to the same buyers. Thanks so much to these great folks who came to the Taste of Creede, all the way from Lawrence, Kansas.

Creede is such a great town, beautiful and quirky, and one of Colorado's best.  Artists who come to this Quick Draw do it for the sheer fun of camaraderie,  and in support of the town that supports ARTS all year around.  Creede is also home to the Quiller Gallery that features the work of Stephen Quiller, the Creede Repertory Theatre, and the National Small Prints Show.
Stephen Quiller, David Montgomery, Peggy Morgan Stenmark, Charles Ewing, Tracy Miller, Kris Gosar, Morris Sowards, Sharon McCoy, Jesse Crock, Gail Fraiser, and Jan Thompson and myself, were just a few of the artists who painted on Sunday.


Creede Quick Draw on Sunday at 1pm

It is Memorial Day weekend and if you are looking for a day out  - look no further than Creede, Colorado, a town known for throwing a great party- no matter what the holiday.
Located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, Creede is a destination town and the site of one of Colorado’s most famous high-country mines. They love tourists and artists in Creede, support several galleries, have the Creede Repertory Theatre and also host the National Small Print Show that opens there this weekend.

I will be in Creede on Sunday for the Artists Quick Draw on Main Street at 1pm.
The Quick Draw Event draws artists from all over Colorado and several surrounding states, and also attracts collectors who come for a chance to bid on paintings done by top artists.  Some of the artists participating : Stephen Quiller, Kris Gosar, David Montgomery, Jesse Crock, Charlie Ewing, Jan Thompson, Peggy Morgan Stenmark Morgan, Tracy Miller, and myself - to name a few.
We will have one hour to create a painting and then there will be a live auction immediately following.

Saturday, May 27th  at 2pm is the Silver Chef Competition and at 4pm the National Small Print Show opens in the lobby of the Creede Repertory Theatre.
Sunday, May 28th - the Artists Quick Draw on Main Street starts at 1pm- in front of the Quiller Gallery. A live auction will follow.
Come for the weekend or come for the day, but don’t miss the Quick Draw at 1pm on Sunday.


"Road Trippin' " at the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou

"Road Trippin'"
at the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou Springs will hang through June.
This wonderful show features all the things implied - like painted road signs, vintage car paintings,  Route 66 paintings, vintage motel signs and of course - a couple of TRIKES. These were my entries into the "Road Trippin' show.
"Ghost Rider" 40"x30" in acrylic, and below is "Zoom, Zoom" 29"x34",  also in acrylic.

Catch one of the most fun shows goin' on. That would be "Road Trippin'" at the Tracy Miller Gallery, 16 Ruxton, Manitou Springs, Colorado - through the end of June.
Call at 719-650-0827. Tracy Miller is a knowledgeable and helpful curator who carries some of the best work in the state; including mine.


Birds with Words

Over the last months, my classes have studied, painted, examined and - gotten inspired by animals and birds in the landscape.
This went beyond a general look at reference material, we have spent several months looking at anatomy, how feathers grow, how the feet/talons work.
That's the great thing about pursuing something specific to study - you also get
 inspired by it.
Birds got me excited: songbirds, raptors, birds I have never even looked at before.
In a previous post I included photos of Magpies we did in class;  - back at my studio I tried to add more character to my sketches.  Magpies are full of personality and I wanted to push that idea a little bit.
Each bird I sketched seemed to have something to say and the conversation became even more fun when I put several birds together.
. . . . . and it all started with taking a look at something new - in this case birds.
Of course, many of the students did more realistic birds- and I did a few of those too. Either way,  we are all looking at birds with new eyes.


"On the Wing" Reception March 18th

The San Luis Valley Painters present "On the Wing" - on display at Milagros Coffee House-Gallery all of March.

Sunday, March 18th we celebrated with a reception and every one had a chance to vote for the Best in Show painting.
Congratulations to Richard Luckemeier who's piece "Persistence" was voted BEST in SHOW.
Congratulations to Theresa Atencio who took 2nd in the voting.

This is one of our best shows ever, featuring the work of 15 artists: Theresa Atencio, Yvon Boss, Dee Bartee, June McDaniel, Barbara Rayburn, Lara M. Demlo, Coni Grant, Judith Greenwood, Richard Luckemeier, David Roepke, Bill Madrill, Josie Ulibari, Margaret Jones, Linda Droeger, and Kari Christoferson.  

Birds and wildlife are the theme of this show which will hang until the end of  March in Milagros at the corner of State St. and Main Street, in Alamosa. 
A portion of all sales go to La Puente services that serve the San Luis Valley.
Congratulations to all of the artists who participated.


Class Notes: Painting Birds

In the New Year, my class focused on painting birds.  Many of my class painters are birders and the subject has become a bit of a passion. As I write this - I am thinking of many painter friends who are serious bird painters - and I give them all respect.  I would never put my self in the "serious" category but I sure have had fun.
In class we have studied, practiced and painted what we are learning:  bird anatomy, how it affects movement in a given situation,  - but also honing painting skills of design, negative painting, simplifying shapes and directing the viewers eye.
After all, the painting IS the end goal and even perfect draftsmanship does not guarantee that.
The pieces shown here are class demos and the top one is actually painted over an old landscape of trees.  In the upside down version (at the bottom) you can clearly see the previous painting. I find it fascinating how the eye believes what it sees in context.
The second painting was an exercise in negative painting. We sketched in the Magpie first and then painted shapes in white, directly over the under painting, to created the illusion of branches and distance.


Tracy Miller Guest Artist

We had a treat in class this week - Tracy Miller, artist and owner of the Tracy Miller gallery in Manitou, gave a demo and talked about her exuberant style animals - painted in acrylic.
I have painted with Tracy in different events around Colorado and am represented in her gallery in Manitou, - but I have never been able to sit and just watch how she puts it all together.  Her colorful animals are finding their way to posters, bags, and accessories in venues like TJ Max and U Gallery, an on-line source for original artwork.
The film festival poster above is testament to the kind of attention her work is getting and she is a generous and active member of the art scene in Colorado Springs.

Using a small piece of reference, Tracy painted the little Cardinal shown above;
then using a simple compositional idea of OUR choice, she created the bison. Tracy has been drawing and painting animals for so many years that she can pull almost any animal out of her head and paint it in a way that communicates.
What a fun morning! I love to see artists work in styles so different from my own, pushing boundaries and inspiring ideas about WHAT is possible.
It is like a breath of fresh air. 
Thanks so much to Tracy for sharing with us.


Happy 2018

Happy New Year, and a special Thanks to all of my students. You keep  me motivated and you keep me learning.  I am looking forward to the year ahead and heading into new territory with subject matter, focus and new inspiration. 
The class information here is mainly for students local to my area of Colorado, but if you are not in this area, I would still encourage you to think about starting your new year with a CLASS. Getting together with others in a learning environment can  jump start creativity for the whole year. Give your self the gift of inspiration. TAKE a class.                                                                                                         
My new classes start up right after the New Year: 
Tuesday Evenings start on January 2nd, from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm.  By popular demand we will focus on animals in the landscape: design, movement and compositional story telling. If wildlife is your interest don't miss this session.                                                     
Thursday Morning classes start on January 4th, 9am to Noon and our focus will be on birds and creating interesting and lively backgrounds in small settings.
All classes meet at the Alamosa Family Recreation Center in the art studio. Beginners are welcome and all classes address foundational skills of composition, color mixing and painting technique.


Holiday Magic in Manitou

 Don't miss the Holiday 100 miniature show and sale on
Sunday, November 26th, from 1 to 4 pm.-
a festive opportunity designed to help you start  -or polish off- your holiday shopping,
- AND guaranteed to be more inspirational than pushing that behemoth shopping cart thru  a big box store.
Give ART this season - it's holds its' value (think Antiques Roadshow), your purchase supports small business, AND it shows your good taste - without having to go to Christie's and bid like a high roller.
GREAT artists will be featured at this show, with work created especially for it.  You can be sure there will be something for everyone - all very affordable - priced especially for the holidays. 
Holiday 100 miniature show and sale, 
Sunday, November 26th, from 1 to 4 pm.
at the TracyMiller Gallery, 16 Ruxton  Ave., Manitou Springs, CO.

Take a break from Black Friday madness and indulge in a trip to Manitou Springs for some holiday magic - and get some shopping done along the way.
Located at the base of the Pikes Peak Cograil and only about 15 minutes from Colorado Springs, the Tracy Miller Gallery will host the Holiday 100 show through December 31st.
These pieces here are just a few of the miniatures I painted for the show. Have a great weekend.

Manitou Paints Plein Air - October 21st

Saturday, October 21st Manitou Springs hosted the Manitou Paints Plein air Event  - special because it was open only to artists represented in Manitou Galleries.
I am represented by the TracyMiller Gallery, at 16 Ruxton  Ave.,  in Manitou and besides myself
some of the other artists on the street on Saturday were Tim Deibler, Buffalo Kaplinski, Terri Sanchez, to name a few.
From 10 am to 3 pm we met shoppers, children of all ages and so many wonderful Manitou Residents - excited to enjoy the festivities.
Many of the artists painted from the view but several, myself included painted from a sketch. See below.
 At the end of a beautiful and blustery day the artists were wined and dined as guests of the historic Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast.
Thanks to the merchants and galleries who planned, promoted, sponsored and supported this great event.
See more of my work at the Tracy Miller Gallery - located at 16 Ruxton near the base of the Pikes Peak Cograil and only about 15 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs.
On the left is my under painting and on the right is the finished piece, 16"x 16",  in oil on stretched canvas. It was a very fun piece to create, taken from a sketch I did in the Conejos aspens.
In my painting classes we have been experimenting with "broken color".  I got the idea for this during a class demo and was very happy with the result.