Alamosa ArtWalk

Alamosa Artwalk is tomorrow, Saturday, from 10- 5pm in downtown Alamosa. This photo was taken from my painting spot last year.
The weekend kicked off with a gala reception at the SLV Medical Center this evening in their beautiful Artrium. The Medical Center Artrium is an art destination all on its own and is currently showing the Great Sand Dunes Exhibit, that hung last year in Denver International Airport. Featuring artists from the Valley, myself included, and other parts of Colorado, this juried show got so much acclaim at DIA that our Medical Center contracted to hang it here. Click this link to Sue McCullough's BLog to see more reception photos.
This all made a great backdrop for the reception; and as the sun set in the west it began to snow.
But - one worry at a time. I still have high hopes for tomorrow. Sue MCCullough and I will be plein air painting in Downtown Alamosa, on the sunny side (north) of the street just about where San Juan St. crosses Main.
Click on this link for Alamosa ArtWalk to see photos, events, times and the poster painting by, good friend and Alamosa painter, Dave Roepke.


Beautiful Day in Taos

David Montgomery, fellow plein air painter, friend and noted Colorado landscape artist is being featured this month in TAOS Magazine and at Walden Gallery in its new location on Kit Carson in Taos. A chance to harass Dave is reason enough but I don't need much of and excuse to visit Taos. While Colorado is still mostly white, Taos is usually sunny and their snow always appears so charming and decorative.
Dave made the most of the weather by painting en plein air in front of Walden. There is actually a pretty nice view across the street to the Parson's Gallery patio. Here he is talking with some young fans. Check out his website to see more of David Montgomery's work and while there you can also read his thoughts on conservation activism and wilderness advocacy. His work really does celebrate nature in the wild places of Southern Colorado and New Mexico.


Class Notes: Can We Get Small Without Getting Small?

This is my offering this week- on the Square format.
The challenge at this small 6"x 6" size, is to be disciplined about brush size and making each stroke work harder for you as opposed to pulling out the tiny brushes and - well, you know - noodling.
Personally, I am a less-is-more type of painter, trying never to use 2 strokes when one will do. It is a technical style I don't force on my students but I do push for more disciplined brushwork that leads to a straight forward, loose and non-fussy end product.