Toys Toys Toys

We had a great time last week with our special guests Carl and Sarah Judson - just what we needed to bring enthusiasm and zing to our Fall plein air season. Carl gave a informative talk and visual presentation about plein air painting through history - but the best part was a thoughtful take on painters who did not follow the beaten path.  Ha! The rebels- they are our favorites.
It was encouraging and fun for everyone and
we all got Guerrilla Painter Viewers (very handy), paint samples- who doesn't love that? Free stuff!  
After some discussion and some snacks we all went out to the Guerrilla Van to see Carl's work - and for the REAL fun:
shopping out of the Guerrilla Van. It was almost as good buying at the ice cream truck- 
and just about that crazy 
as 17 painter/kids
stormed the van.
I suddenly had a vision of Carl Judson in a Santa suit. . . . . .

The item most popular?
the Guerrilla 6x8 Thumbox
with carrying case -
I think we bought out
his entire supply.

So, this is the challenge:
bring your box to class
every week. You will get better with it the more you use it
and it just may change your life,
at least your painting life.

Ahh - the places we'll go!