Class Notes: What's Underneath?

In the first 3 weeks of the new class session we have tried to get back to basics; even before composition, placement, and color mixing, learning to organize the information before our eyes, is a foundational part of the painting process. "You mean I can't just put the paint on?"
I am not sure a man would get the analogy, but a well dressed women knows a beautiful outfit is well served by the right lingerie. Time (and, or money) spent on the foundation of a painting is always well spent.
I am referring to the sketch. - We imagine it isn't an important part of the technical package because it will be covered up, but those first thoughts on the canvas are part of organizing our visual information; and like nice (and often expensive) lingerie, a strong sketch is worth showing off. I have seen Ann Templeton demo many times and, she will often lay down a sketch in a bright orange or red, with the intention of allowing it to peek out of the final painting. And by the way, her brush sketching is sublime; beautiful and confident.
In class we did small, quick, sketches, one after another.
Doing several sketches at a sitting, wiping each sketch off, as you go, will not only improve drawing skills but also build your confidence with the brush. It may even spoil you for pencil sketching.


Happy Birthday Richard

We made the most of the morning, and by noon the sky had clouded over and the wind was pretty sharp. We headed over to the LaVeta Inn for lunch and a small celebration for Richard's birthday. We were all pleased (and maybe, a little surprised) at how really good the lunch was. We recommend the Gumbo, and the Southwest Salmon Sandwich (even if the latter is a contradiction in terms).