From Coni Grant at PleinView Studio, wishes for a Blessed Holiday

"Alamosa Morning", 16"x12" en plein air; and Baby it's COLD outside.
Merry Christmas.

'Hearts and Stars' in Taos

The second annual Hearts and STars Miniature Show and fund raiser for the "Coalition to End Homelessness" in Taos was last Saturday nite, December 15th. A wonderful show at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery; great party, the BEST food and it was supported by artists from all over Colorado and New Mexico. My favorite piece was by Peg Immel, a Taos artist I admire. You see here my small piece,6"x4" of a San Luis Valley view called "Cottonwood Spring", framed oil on linen, $225. - And it is still available.

Daily Painter and Local Charities- Wheeeeee

"Morning Reflections", a 12"x16", plein air piece was donated to a holiday fund raiser to support local Alamosa charities and was purchased by Russ and Isabel Johnson as a Christmas gift to each other. Thank you, Russ and Isabel for supporting Alamosa charities and for supporting my work.
'Morning Reflections', 16"x12"oil on canvas. SOLD.

Daily Painter Goes to ST.Thomas

The holidays usually means giving- at least I hope so- but for the professional artist donating art- is, well, let's just say- very little of the food ends up on my plate. So I try to choose wisely as to who and what I donate to at this time of year. SEE POST: Holidays Hit The Daily Painter Broadside.
For the last 2 years I have participated in the St.Thomas Episcopal Art Auction that Katherine Benke (my rep) puts together to help support the building restoration of the Historic Episcopal Church, here is Alamosa. I was very happy when my 6"x8" piece, "Valley Morning" sold. It got me started thinking more about doing small works from larger pieces. 'Valley Morning', 6"x8"in oil. SOLD.

Working Small Paintings

These small pieces were done over the last 2 or three months anticipating events like the Monte Vista Holiday Festival, the Sacred Heart Bazaar in Alamosa. Most are 6"x8"-which is a discpline for me because I like to paint BIG. The trick is to paint BIG things small. On the left-'Ghost Ranch View' is 6"x8", oil on board and 'Blue Tree' is 6"x4", also oil on board. These come matted with a back board and in a clear cello envelope- ready to be displayed without a frame.
'Ghost Ranch View' $100 and
'Blue Tree' $85.
And to all my students who may be reading this, YES- I am using a # 8 bright brush or, at the smallest, a #6. My favorite is a # 10 bright

More Small Pieces from Coni

This first piece is from Rock Creek, actually, a small version of a 4'x5' work I did for "PLEINBREW",the SLV Brewery Show. Most plein air artists take small outdoor "sketches" and work them up larger; in my opinion, seldom to good effect. For me the greater discipline is taking a large work and trying to reproduce it small.
The second piece here is from one of my favorite views of the river, in a spot near my house.'Little Tree'-SOLD and
'River View'-SOLD

More Small Pieces from Coni

This first piece is from an autumn view I have seen many times as I have driven the road to Rock Creek. It has been kicking around in my head for over a year- had to get it out. The second was done this summer en plein air in Estes. Both pieces are 6"x8".
'Valley Autumn' oil $100 and
'BigTrees' in oil $100


The Last of Fall or Coni goes into the woods again

Fall is high season for painters especially here in Colorado where the mountains turn to gold. On the left is 16"x12", "Walk in the Woods", a quick capture of trees that have lost almost all their leaves.
The Aspens are always beautiful but many of our paint outs turned rainy; as in this 12"x16" view (on the right) of Rock Creek on a rather dreary day. I ended up painting the forest instead of the trees.
Both of these works can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park

Capture that Last Moment

"Alamosa River Canyon", 12"x16".
Late in the season, myself and Sue McCullough (another Valley painter) took a spur-of-the-moment drive up to Alamosa River Canyon and painted along a stretch of dirt road that ran along the river. That road sure gets a lot of traffic- but we painted for about 2 hours as the sun dropped below the canyon wall to the west. I didn't have any thoughts about the piece at the time but later it would go over to the SLV Brewery Show to replace a piece that sold.
The following week Sue would head up to Denver to paint in the "Golden Triangle" and show at the High Plein Air Art Exhibit- and as much as I wanted to, I could not make that trip. Fall is the best time to paint but there is never enough time to go everywhere and paint all the beautiful color; 2 hours painting could be spent shooting hundreds of photos for reference. Such is the plein air dilemma.
'Alamosa River Canyon', 12"x16" oil on board $410.


Holidays Hit the Daily Painter Broadside

And that's no joke!
Everyone wants donated work. And some actually get it. Well, I turned down the chance to paint a FULL sized fiberglass grizzly bear for the Bear Project fund raiser for Valleywide. And not without some second thoughts but the time frame was too tight, the bear TOO big, and my life TOO short. If you haven't had a chance to view the finished pieces around town, there are, I think, 10 representing many valley artists. Each one is amazing!
KRZA Art Auction This to support our local public radio station- which, by the way, I only can get in my car-
where is KBEAR when you need it?
Anyway, all the artist were given a 6"x6" canvas to do whatever.
Thanks to Marian Schlagbaum for all you did. Directly above is "Autumn View", done on a newsprint ground. I am happy to say it was purchased by Randy Pijoan. I only wish I could afford to have purchased his piece. Thanks Randy.
'Autumn View'- oil on canvas. SOLD

A Day at Ghost Ranch

I drove down to Ghost Ranch in October to meet up with Ann Templeton, as well as the High Desert Painters (an international plein air group that I helped found). One day at Ghost Ranch is hardly enough but it was one good day and I did 2 paintings. This one is of Jana Van Wyk painting in the baking sun. Jana is from North Carolina and another of the High Desert Painter Group.
When I got home this painting went (wet) directly over to the San Luis Valley Brewery show in Alamosa- to replace a painting that sold. That's always good.
'Painting at Ghost Ranch' 12'x16', oil on board -$500.


Moonrise Paint Out, 25 Sept.

Another beautiful evening, sans the hike. This is the moon as it looked; first from the camera's point of view then from my point my view.
Cattails Moonrise 12"x9". This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park, CO.

Evening Paint Out, 24 Sept.

Judith, Richard, Kayleith and myself (Coni) followed Richard and faithful companions- Toby, Puck and MAc down into the trees on the CityRanch property to paint Blanca at last light. Last light, like Alpenglow, lasts about 10 minutes except when it is over you find yourself in a nocturn and wishing for a flashlight. No one finished a painting but we were inspired to go out Tuesday nite to paint the moon rising over the trees.
I'll keep you posted.

Sept.14th- Paint Out

Friday, Sept. 14 at the marsh picnic area across from Cattails Golfcourse at 8am. It was a beautiful morning, only slightly chilly. Autumn is coming on fast. I painted this looking south across the water when the sun was still very low.
'Sunrise at the Marsh' 9"x12". This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park.

Carol painted looking over the water toward the golf course.


Daily Painter Goes to Estes Park

Artists gathered at the home of Mike and Rebecca Barrett (owners of the LINK Gallery) for food and art talk. I met Victoria Brooks a wonderful plein air painter from California. She was looking for someone willing to meet up before dawn to catch the early light on the mountains in the Rocky Mt National Park. I'm game- who cares about sleep, I'll probably be to wound up to sleep anyway.

Daily Painter -Sunday dawn at Sprague Lake

After a very restless night I gave up sleeping and drove up in to the Rocky Mt National Park to meet Victoria Brooks. It took a while and a bit of driving in the dark to get my bearings but I finally found Sprague Lake. We were set up to paint by 6:30am when the "alpenglow" was right at the peak. This view is very compelling but I was looking for something a little more intimate and found what is shown here.
'Morning at Sprague Lake', 10"x8"oil can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park.

Daily Painter -Sunday at Sprague Lake

Making do.
Victoria wanted to do something with figures and the father and son who had been fishing near us suddenly up and moved - alas, so she painted me painting a 6"x 8"of hikers stopping on a little bridge looking towards me as the sun rose over them.
On the right is my painting of 'Hikers at Sprague Lake', 6"x8" oil $150.

Daily Painter -Making Do

I ended up being Victoria's model.
She painted me while I painted the the "Hikers at Sprague Lake"- Above.

Daily Painter -Tuesday

Tuesday morning we met at Wild Basin entrance to Rocky Mt National Park, took a dirt road a couple of miles to the Finch Lake trail head and hiked less than a half a mile to Copeland Falls. This is a beautiful area and there are two sections to the falls, upper and lower. Starting at the upper falls, Victoria painted away from the sun as it rose and lit the white water. I painted looking downstream as the water disappeared over rocks into the dark forest back lit by the rising sun. It wasn't long before we were joined by fishermen hiking upstream, casting in pools along the way. I would really like to do that.

Daily Painter -Wednesday

Up before the birds, as usual, we went to the Estes Lakes, which you drive over as you come into Estes Park. I never thought they offered much scenic value but we found several really beautiful views: the Stanley Hotel reflected in the water just as the sun rose and illuminated it, and in the other direction, a really beautiful sunrise over the water and a family of deer drinking at the lake's edge. At one point a group of Elk crossed the lake in front of us; they didn't even get their ears wet. By 11am I had two pieces finished so I knocked off to get an espresso at the shop next to my gallery.
The morning had gone by without a cloud in the sky but as afternoon came on clouds began to rise over the mountains (called the twin Owls) to the north above Estes. I was in my groove so painted this piece from the Riverwalk and finished up by 2pm. It was a good day.
'Drama in the Afternoon',10"x8",oil. This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park.

Daily Painter -Thursday-Bears out my Window

This little party: two bear cubs and their mother were shaking down a tree under my window Thursday morning; fun to watch but I was so glad not to have seen them while painting in Rocky Mt.National Park.
Thursday is Media Day and all of the artists paint on the Riverwalk that winds down though the shopping section of Estes. It is quite beautiful so not hard to find a good view, of something. This is our chance to mingle with the public, answer questions, make contacts and encourage people to come to the Show Opening on Saturday. Media Day is not everyone's cupa-tea but I enjoy it and even talked with folks that I met last year in Estes Park on the Media Day. Best of all I was happy with my painting of the twin owls over Estes. Unfortunately, it began to rain about 1pm so there was no time for a second painting. 'Amazing Day', 16"x12"oil. This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park.

Daily Painter at Estes Park-Friday

All the Artists were required to turn in their 3 entries to their respective galleries on Friday, by noon. Most of us spent Thursday night, till all hours, signing, framing and generally suffering the consternation of having to choose which 3 to enter.
Friday was beautiful and I snapped a few of the "locals" strolling around town. Elk are everywhere but you really never get used to seeing them in traffic.
Karen LaValley, a painter from from Ohio, who I met last year- we indulged in a bit of shopping and capped the day with dinner outside, by the river at Poppies. Victoria Brooks, from California and Lori Putnam, from Tennessee joined us. All three of these women are wonderful painters and worth looking at. Google them to see their work.

Daily Painter at the Quick Draw

Saturday morning all the artists gathered in the park for the "Quick Draw". There were 2 models and lots of landscape opportunities. We painted from 9am to 10:30am when, at the sound of a whistle- everyone put down their brushes and had 10 minutes to frame and run the wet work up to the auction table where it was sold off to the highest bidder. I felt great when my piece sold for more than I was asking.
'Quick Draw Aspens in Riverside Park', 10"x8", oil, SOLD.


Coni's Road Trip Winds Up on Canyon Road

The Plein Air New Mexico paint out culminated in a wonderful show at the Mark Zoeller Gallery on Canyon road in Santa Fe on Friday evening August 3rd. Standing room only most of the night created a very festive atmosphere and a lot of paintings went out the door. My painting from Fort Marcy - 'High Hat over Santa Fe' also sold- yay!
Mark Zoeller also opted to keep selected works of his choice to continue to hang in the gallery through the high season. My two paintings: "Hyde Park" and "From Bahada Hill" were part of that group.
This was a fun and successful trip. Santa Fe is a great town to spend time in but I will be glad to get home; and in 2 weeks I head to Rocky Mountain National Park for the Estes Park Plein Air Event. I think I am ready.
'High Hat Over Santa Fe', 8"x10", SOLD.


Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 1 August

Wednesday morning dawned rainy so I used the time to drive up Bishop's Lodge Road to Shidoni- a foundry, sculpture garden and art gallery. Tesuque Glass works is right "next door" so I also saw some glass blowing. A very good morning. From there I went back up into Hyde park and painted in the pines. My car and easel tucked into a camp site and I painted the view across the road. Rain caught me eventually but not until after I had finished painting and enjoying a perfectly beautiful afternoon in the "high country".
'Hyde Park Picnic', 10"x8",in oil can be viewed at the Mark Zoeller Gallery, 717 Canyon Rd., in Santa Fe until the end of September.

Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 31 July

I painted at the Tesuque Trail head in the morning but gathered up quickly as rain came on and didn't finish the painting. From there I drove up in to the woods and enjoyed the rain in the tall pines even tho' my car roof leaks a bit. I came down the hill ahead of the storm and stopped at the Fort Marcy overlook long enough to paint this big thunderhead. It took about 45 minutes and eventually the rain caught up with me and I went into town to find an espresso.
'High Hat over Sante Fe',8"x10",SOLD.

Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 30 July

Monday morning I drove up toward Taos on the river road and painted just up the river from Embudo Station. River rafters drifted down stream periodically.
'Rio Grande at Embudo Station',12"x16", oil, SOLD.

Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 29 July #2

My view from Canyon Road up toward the mountains as afternoon showers start to brew.
'Canyon View', 10"x8", oil.

Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 29 July

On Sunday morning I painted on Canyon Road; and actually saw a few other painters in the morning but it is one of those places where people can tuck themselves away on little lanes, tiny adobe porches and hidden doorways. For such a sophisticated and high end art destination, Canyon Road is amazingly quaint.
'Aspens at the Gallery' 10"x8", oil.

Coni's Daily Plein Air Paintings- 28 July

Sixty plein air painters from all over the west, and members of Plein Air New Mexico, came together for this paint out in Santa Fe. We met south of town on Saturday, July 28th. This is my first piece looking north toward Santa Fe as a thunderhead grew up over the mountians. Though the mornings were beautiful and warm, every afternoon rain sent us running for cover.
I say "us" but really, after the first morning I painted alone and didn't connect with the other painters again until we turned in our work on Thursday. Painting can be a very solitary endeavor.
'From Bajada Hill', 12"x16", oil.


Daily Painter Goes On the Road

Well, this week flew by and tho' there were paintings there wasn't even time to post them all- let alone talk about them. I've had wet paintings all over the kitchen waiting to got to the studio and a 4'x5' studio piece with only the under painting done. It is right in the studio window and today as I drove away I couldn't help feeling a little like I had left it there with no clothes on- only underwear. I hate to leave work like that but the week was all about getting ready for the Plein Air New Mexico Paintout and Exhibition. On Saturday morning I head for Santa Fe for a week of painting in northern New Mexico that will culminate in a show at the Mark Zoeller Gallery on Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe. There are 60 plein air painters involved and, of course it is a competition. The opening reception is Friday night, Aug. 3rd, beginning at 5pm and the show will be there for a week.

Coni's Daily Paintings

'Tea Bag', 16"x12", oil.

Coni's Daily Paintings

Daily Painting for July 26th, done in class. We all had different items and approached them almost as if we would a portrait. Lots of intense looking. '7up', 11"x15", oil.

Coni's Daily Paintings

My Daily Painting for July 21. We had made plans to paint out at Rock Creek on Saturday but in the end things did not work out so I painted Rock Creek using a sketch I made last year.


Class Daily Painters

A portrait by Kayleith Pellandini. Kayleith is in the Tuesday evening Painting Class at the Alamosa Community Rec.center. Believe it or not, Kayleith is a beginning oil painter and also a mom with 2 babies at home. She painted this at home from a photo. Beautiful! Portrait by Kayleith 16"x12".

Class Daily Painters

Dee Bartee's view looking east in the morning, from the Alamosa Rec Center.


Coni's Daily Painting

A variation on the 'Pear' theme.