Daily Painter - Hits the Tracks

Tuesday I headed up to South Fork with fellow painter, Sue McCullough (that is her, left) and we found a spot along Beaver Creek; had to plant our easels in some pretty deep snow tho'- but more about that later. Tuesday was so nice, temps must have soared up to 32 degrees- maybe Spring is really on its way. We took a chance on Wednesday, and though there was a decided nip in the air, standing on the tracks in Alamosa, in full sun made the morning pretty pleasant; chilly but pleasant.


Gallery News, GRAND OPENING in Cheyenne

The Link Gallery, which, up to January, featured my work in Estes Park, has moved and after a month of renovation is now open in the historic, old town section of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Link Gallery is owned and operated by Rebecca Barrett, a Brit with a passion for fine art, who I think, has already won the heart of this ol'cowboy town. Rebecca has the energy of a small nuclear power plant and the enthusiasm to drive it; it won't be long before she'll have all of Cheyenne at her doorstep.
The more I hear about Wyoming, the more I like it.
Check out the Grand Opening on March 29th, in Cheyenne at
1609 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001
or online at www.link-gallery.com. It will be a great party and I plan to be there.

Gallery Views From Wyoming

The new Link Gallery has the same beautiful sensibility that I loved in Estes Park, and now it also features a photo and framing gallery plus more space for painting and sculpture. To see more of the Link Gallery and the artists that it represents go to www.link-gallery.com or scroll down to my links on this blog and click on Link Gallery.


Class Notes

This week's Thursday morning class has a treat in store: Sue McCullough will be our guest to talk about her painting, her portfolio and demonstrate some technique and brushwork. Don't miss it.
This is the last week of the painting class session and next week we begin a new 8 week session. Tuesday evening classes start on March 4th and the Thursday Morning Class starts on March 6th. Call the Alamosa Recreation Center at 598-2105 for information and registration.

Colorado Art Educators Association Show

Friday night the CAEA Exhibition opened at the Cloyde Snook Gallery, in Alamosa. A good show and good showing. Thank You to the folks in the Art Dept. at Adams State who put it all together. For me it was an occasion to see friends, see art, reinforce good gallery etiquette with the kids and pick up some dinner.
This time there was an added bonus: My painting "Whispers in the Wood" won 1st Prize. Rumor has it that Cloyde Snook himself picked the winners after the show was juried; which makes the win all the sweeter.

Another View, and a tight deadline

Monday is a holiday, for the kids, at least. I have a commissioned painting that was due March 18th and suddenly,(last week) got moved up to Feb 20th so that is my planned activity for the day at home. It's always a little frustrating not being able to go to the studio but fortunately, the painting is only a 12"x16" and I can do it on the easel at home. The old power plant is getting a lot of attention these days;
and this one will have to go into the frame wet.