Taste of Creede - Creede, COLORADO

Taste of Creede Quick Draw looked to be a slow starter this year. Memorial Day Sunday brought intermittent snow as artists set up   -  but in true Creede fashion, once we started painting people came out of the - well, I don't know where they came from  - but they came and they purchased art.
It never ceases to amaze me - the buyers who come to this event - from as far away as Santa Fe and Denver - very often in bad weather - come wanting to buy work at THIS show and support artists and the town of Creede.

I love Creede and the Taste of Creede Quick Draw is one of the most fun events I do all year;
really, more like a gathering of good friends - all invited by Stephen Quiller.
 - And the people that come - are tenacious buyers,
hardy as the painters themselves. I have garnered several dedicated collectors over the years, and was very excited to send my piece home with new friends who drove all the way from Westminster, Colorado to be in Creede for the Quick Draw.
Hidden in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, Creede is one of Colorado's best high country destinations and loves tourists and artists. The Taste of Creede is dedicated to Food, Culinary Arts, and Fine Art;  Sunday's 1 hour Artist's Quick Draw attracts some of the best artists from all over the country including: Steve Quiller, Susan McCullough, Peggy Stenmark Morgan, Kris Gosar, David Montgomery, Karen Bonnie, Charles Ewing, Jan Thompson, Tracy Miller, Laura Reilly, and myself - to name a few.
Creede also hosts the National Small Prints Show currently hanging at the Creede Repertory Theatre. Another good reason to visit Creede.
Thank You to Stephen & Marta Quiller and the Creede Chamber of Commerce for putting together a great event.