Old Friend/ New Space

An old friend came into my studio recently - "Wow! Do I know you?"
Actually, it was this painting - purchased over 10 years ago by our local hospital for their conference/ education wing.
At that time I was ecstatic but could not afford to have it framed - so it appeared like a large picture window looking out into the woods - and thus named "Into The Woods".

This past Spring the curator of the hospital collection notified me that it would be the feature piece for the new Oncology waiting room.  I felt very honored, to say the least but it was also my chance to do a little restoration and have it framed properly.
Having this piece back in the studio was fun, and interesting - looking closely at something that I had put all I had into - back then.
Also interesting, was how compelling the desire to change or "fix" it;
 maybe a little  update, bringing new skills to bear  . . .

Except for minor restoration and varnish, I let it go untouched.
I see it like a moment in time, my time - but for the folks viewing it for the first time- it is a whole new experience.
Over the years the hospital foundation has purchased many of my paintings; I am so grateful for their support, and grateful to be a part of the community of artists represented there.
Thanks to the San Luis Valley Health Foundation for supporting ART in our valley, for the purchase of REAL art, and for recognizing it's importance to the health and well being of our entire community.