The Tuesday Night Plein Air Show

Colorado summer means fabulous sunsets. In Painting Class last Tuesday evening we enjoyed an especially stunning progression from afternoon to night.
After painting on the river we stood around until 10 - just enjoying the beautiful evening.
If you opted to stay home - you REALLY missed it.
The paintings here are my take on the last 2 weeks of class and the photo shows painters waiting for the setting sun to break through the clouds after a brief shower.

A couple of Tips for painting sunsets:
     >The BEST color in a sunset happens AFTER the 'sun-ball' has dropped below the horizon. So- while the sun is high, use the time to lay in a simple foreground and by the time the sun drops - the landscape part of the painting should be DONE - or at least roughed-in. 
     >Good cloud shapes make good sunset drama. During the winter we practice sunsets in class but there is no substitute for actually observing the movement of clouds to anticipate how cloud shapes will develop in the great outdoors.
In one evening a hundred sunsets can pass by - you only have to paint ONE.
     >Don't let early evening weather discourage you. The BEST sunsets come after a rain and clouds are what make it.
Our summer Plein Air Class has learned that rain at 6:30pm can lead to an evening of beautiful sunsets at 7:30.  Patience is key.