Moonrise Paint Out, 25 Sept.

Another beautiful evening, sans the hike. This is the moon as it looked; first from the camera's point of view then from my point my view.
Cattails Moonrise 12"x9". This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park, CO.

Evening Paint Out, 24 Sept.

Judith, Richard, Kayleith and myself (Coni) followed Richard and faithful companions- Toby, Puck and MAc down into the trees on the CityRanch property to paint Blanca at last light. Last light, like Alpenglow, lasts about 10 minutes except when it is over you find yourself in a nocturn and wishing for a flashlight. No one finished a painting but we were inspired to go out Tuesday nite to paint the moon rising over the trees.
I'll keep you posted.

Sept.14th- Paint Out

Friday, Sept. 14 at the marsh picnic area across from Cattails Golfcourse at 8am. It was a beautiful morning, only slightly chilly. Autumn is coming on fast. I painted this looking south across the water when the sun was still very low.
'Sunrise at the Marsh' 9"x12". This painting can be viewed at the Link Gallery in Estes Park.

Carol painted looking over the water toward the golf course.