In the ACT of. . . .

Recently, while doing some research on Berthe Morisot - one of my absolute favorite (dead) painters, I stumbled on a wonderful BLOG called Women in the Act of Painting, by Nancy Bea Miller.
Not just art history, but a celebration of women painters- and paintings OF them actually painting. I was immediately fascinated and inspired.
This speaks to the act of painting by the artists themselves - but also to the documentation of artists doing what they do - and doing it in the field.
All this led me into the photo archive to dig up pieces of my own - paintings of Painters - painting.
And what of the mind of the artist who paints other artists painting? Hmmmmm . . . . .

Catching another artist in the act of . . . .
strikes me as a little invasive but as you can see from my work above, I am not exactly doing portraits. The great thing about most outdoor painters is that they don't move a lot - which makes them perfect models. I am not a figure painter - but sometimes the challenge to paint another painter is more interesting than anything in the landscape.
The 2 pieces below are paintings of me. The one on the left is by Victoria Brooks when we painted together in Rocky Mountain National Park. The other was painted by Leslie Allen at the Estes Park Quick Draw.                                                                                                     
ps. The painter immortalized at the top of this post is Susan McCullough, good painter, good friend and the favorite painting of my "in the Act of" pieces.