Creede Quick Draw on Sunday at 1pm

It is Memorial Day weekend and if you are looking for a day out  - look no further than Creede, Colorado, a town known for throwing a great party- no matter what the holiday.
Located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, Creede is a destination town and the site of one of Colorado’s most famous high-country mines. They love tourists and artists in Creede, support several galleries, have the Creede Repertory Theatre and also host the National Small Print Show that opens there this weekend.

I will be in Creede on Sunday for the Artists Quick Draw on Main Street at 1pm.
The Quick Draw Event draws artists from all over Colorado and several surrounding states, and also attracts collectors who come for a chance to bid on paintings done by top artists.  Some of the artists participating : Stephen Quiller, Kris Gosar, David Montgomery, Jesse Crock, Charlie Ewing, Jan Thompson, Peggy Morgan Stenmark Morgan, Tracy Miller, and myself - to name a few.
We will have one hour to create a painting and then there will be a live auction immediately following.

Saturday, May 27th  at 2pm is the Silver Chef Competition and at 4pm the National Small Print Show opens in the lobby of the Creede Repertory Theatre.
Sunday, May 28th - the Artists Quick Draw on Main Street starts at 1pm- in front of the Quiller Gallery. A live auction will follow.
Come for the weekend or come for the day, but don’t miss the Quick Draw at 1pm on Sunday.


"Road Trippin' " at the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou

"Road Trippin'"
at the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou Springs will hang through June.
This wonderful show features all the things implied - like painted road signs, vintage car paintings,  Route 66 paintings, vintage motel signs and of course - a couple of TRIKES. These were my entries into the "Road Trippin' show.
"Ghost Rider" 40"x30" in acrylic, and below is "Zoom, Zoom" 29"x34",  also in acrylic.

Catch one of the most fun shows goin' on. That would be "Road Trippin'" at the Tracy Miller Gallery, 16 Ruxton, Manitou Springs, Colorado - through the end of June.
Call at 719-650-0827. Tracy Miller is a knowledgeable and helpful curator who carries some of the best work in the state; including mine.