California Holiday

I spent my Christmas holidays family in the wonderful small beach town of Carpinteria, California. To paint on the beach was my Christmas present to myself and between time with family and friends I actually did it several times. This was the place where my professional painting life really got started with collectors and gallery representation, but I haven't painted in California since 2002. The challenge at Christmas was to simply enjoy the time - with no expectations.
- Harder than it sounds.......These 4 lower paintings I did almost 10 years ago; all Carpinteria landmarks. They sold very well to tourists, in print and card form. All the pieces in this post are 8"x 10".


Artists For PIJOAN

Before the holidays, San Luis Valley artist, Randy Pijoan took a Flight-for-Life to Denver for emergency medical needs. Luckily he is back in the Valley and on the road to recovery. Like most studio artists, Randy does not have health insurance.
Almost every artist in the Valley knows, or knows of Randy and has experienced, first hand, his generosity and passion for giving back. He is a treasure in our community and it is no surprise that a fund raising effort would begin at the grass roots level with student artists at Adams State College. Their efforts connected with Adams State College Community Partnerships' and the ASC Art Department to coordinate a local benefit. They're calling it "Artists for Pijoan", and are asking artists to donate works of all different mediums and scale to benefit Randy Pijoan.  
Artwork will be on display in the ASC Art Department's Hatfield Gallery from Friday, January 21st until Friday, Feb 4th, 2011.
This show will culminate in a party and auction at the San Luis Valley Brewery, in Alamosa, Colorado on Saturday night, February 12th, 2011 to sell and/or auction off the work. These funds will help assist Randy's with his medical expenses and go a long way toward helping his physical recovery. 

For Artists: Donated artwork should be dropped off at the ASC Art Dept. by Wednesday, January 19th, before 5 p.m. Please contact Gene Schilling 719.588.8749 with any questions.

For Buyer/Supporters: Be at the San Luis Valley Brewery, in Alamosa, Colorado on Saturday night, February 12th, 2011. It will be a great party with music as well as art.

I am aware that this post applies mainly to Southern Colorado readers but I would encourage you to check out Randy's website by clicking his name Randy Pijoan, to see what a huge talent he is. It is more than talent however, that brings a community together this way. Randy is very loved here because of the way he has dedicated himself to creating an environment of support for artists and the arts in a way that encourages and strengthens our whole community.