Best In Show, 'Bluebird in the Snow'

Congratulations Lara Demlo, who won 'Best in Show' at the
SMall WONDERS reception. 
Our shows at Milagros are judged rather informally, but certainly by the people.
We bring the party and share our work with friends and everyone else who comes thru the door. Mothers & children, tourists, diners, students doing homework - everyone is encouraged to join our Art celebration and happy to vote for their "favorite" painting.

Thank You to the everyone who came out to support us, and to all the painters who participated.
Thank You, as well to Milagros coffee house/gallery, a non-profit very much at the heart of Alamosa.
20% of all proceeds from sales go back out to the community through Milagros and LaPuente which serves Alamosa in so many ways. This show will hang until the end of March.
Nice job - Lara! The "people" have spoken.