Art of the TRADE - Part 3

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Let's Talk Trade.
My concrete driveway has been installed and it is beautiful; now it's time to create the art.
I think the best case scenario would be for the client to want something that you already have in your inventory. Wouldn't that be ideal?
But part of his willingness to go forward, weighed heavily on the idea that work would be created for him, and suited to a specific situation. And I am very willing to be flexible at this point.
The job is now like a commission - So, I visited the home of my concrete contractor and realized - I was in the wrong business. . . . just kidding. The house is a large quasi-spanish style home decorated with a lot of color and there were many options for a large art. He decided on 2 panels at 48"x 20" that would go on either side of french doors. This suited me perfectly because I love to do verticals.
As to subject matter, if the client does not has a specific idea in mind, or does not want a larger version of a plein air piece, then I like to talk only in terms of color and design. This gives me freedom to explore different subjects, with the idea that, in the end, the client will choose from 2 black & white layouts. That is normally how I would approach commissioned work for a client. I like to know exactly where I am headed, and have the client's O.K. before going there.
In this case tho, by the time I left his house, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and my gut told me to jump in, skip the layout stage, and create 2 half-size paintings to use as studies for the bigger panels.
Of course, this could backfire but the benefit to me would be: instead of spending time poring over 2 large-size layouts of differing subject matter, I could work out subject, color and design in the half-size and if the client didn't like what he saw at the small size - I would still have 2 paintings to sell - and I could work up new layouts.

These are the "layouts" at 24"x 12" and painted together so that they work as one whole. The individual panels should also be able to stand alone, which they will, when hung separately on either sides of french doors. Click on the photos to view them larger.

Painting in the Fabulous Zapata

Last week the Tuesday night painting class went out to Adams State College to paint in the twilight and light drizzle. This was my view up the 3rd Street; a 6"x 8".

The next day David Montgomery and I drove up into the Sangres to paint in the Zapata area on the side of Mount Blanca. I love this area because it has so much: deep aspen groves, dark pine woods, running water, high desert and pinon, a lake, long views of the valley - all in the shadow of Mount Blanca.
We found this burbling little water fall right by the side of the road and painted there for most of the morning. David is very adept at this deep woods and water thing - me - not so much; but I have been trying to do more waterfall subjects and actually seek out what, in the past I would run from. This painting is 12"x 9" and was really a challenge.
I am hoping Dave has posted his piece on his blog- just click on this link to get to his blog.