Class Notes: The Value of a VALUE Sketch

In our ongoing discussion about VALUE. . .
I can't over state the importance of a sketch as a way to see
and FIGURE OUT value.
Creating small sketches is a good way to begin to develop your eye for value, BUT a conventional sketch like the one here on the right does NOT tell us either where the light is coming from or how it affects the objects it touches?

In the second sketch, I started a little differently.
You can see where I drew a light outline of the objects first, then used the pencil to tone, or fill in the shapes with a medium value grey - over all - leaving the white of the paper for the lightest shapes. It is a pretty simple process and if you cover areas that you want white,
just use an eraser to lift them.
At this point the sketch is very
2 dimensional and flat looking.

In this last step of the sketch,
I used the pencil to lay in the darkest darks over the medium value and voila - I have a quick 3 value sketch that shows where the light is coming from and suddenly my objects have dimension.
Not too painful right?

Remember: Understanding VALUE means knowing how to explain the LIGHT. The bottom sketch communicates where the light is coming from and what it does when it hits the objects.
More about seeing Values in Sketches, and some tips - later.