Happy New Year- 2013- let's get on with it

It has been pretty quite in Alamosa, Colorado - the coldest spot in (the universe?) the country. Our back door has been frozen shut for virtually 2 weeks - opened at the expense of one hair dryer - and only on account of our dog.
Temps like minus 28 for days on end and post holiday blahs contribute to a downward spiral. Sometimes I envy folks who must get up and go to work. Like it or not, I think that very act can get you back on track and into the flow of "life" again.
For the artist, this can be a very hard time of year - especially if you worked hard right up to Christmas with shows etc. A break might be in order but the holidays have a way of killing inertia and getting juices to flow again can be like trying to start the car that sat under a snow drift for 2 weeks. That is - if you can even get out the door.
Creative inspiration is so elusive - I have long since given up chasing that rabbit- but getting into the flow of work by DOING definitely leads to creative inspiration---- I promise.
Maybe for you, a shopping trip can fire off motivating endorphins.  For me deadlines are very motivating; the letter on my desk from the Colorado Dept of Revenue - that will do it. While working on my taxes- the desire to paint and the frustration of having to do something so mundane will be very motivating.
DOING even one small thing often gives the impetus that will propel you to the next thing with a positive cascading effect; before you know it,  things are humming again. 
Painting classes start up again tonight. It is one of my DOING things, and even tho' I teach the class, it is as encouraging as anything;  3 hours to paint, any way I want -  no one to please but myself.
And for all you artist- types that make excuses like: I don't have a place to paint, I don't know where to start, I don't have the materials - THIS is what classes are for;  at the very least, socially interactive (that means - fun) and, I hope - always creatively stimulating.
Whether you are looking to get the car out from under a snow drift, or just fighting off the after effects of too much "holiday"- do something good for yourself - get with people and paint.