It was a great Spring day but the painting didn't measure up

So here it is Patrick.
Ordinarily, I would never put a painting up against the documenting photography but it does help me see so much that I did not perceive when standing right there. Fortunately, the pull of the train yard is very strong and many failed paintings later, I still go back there.
Friday, Sue Mc and I painted in front of the Alamosa train station and as near to tracks as we dared. I would have been excited to paint the side of a barn - it was such a perfect day; sunshine, no wind and I painted without gloves. It was only 18 degrees this morning and tho' there was a wee bit of snow from last night, the day was beautiful.
We both took on the little locomotive parked south of the station, just west of State. It was a great subject but there are times when you jump in knowing full well, this painting will kick your butt. Yup!


Pinch Me!

I met with this fun surprise when I rolled into Cheyenne. It would be enough to see my name on the marquee but in the company of such heavy hitters like Don Weller, Dan D'Amico and Will Bullas
- that was a thrill.

On The Town

Cheyenne is full of history and cowboy romance. The area between the bright and newly redone Depot Plaza and the Botanical Gardens boasts the state capitol building and so many beautiful, gracious old homes. Alec Cooke, you will love painting here.
Saturday morning I took in the 2008 Western Spirit Art Show. David Montgomery, a fellow painter from the San Luis Valley had two landscapes in the show and Tom Lockhart, another San Luis Valley painter was one of the 3 jurors for this event.
Don Weller, won Best Watercolor and I was so excited to find that Rebecca Barrett had gotten his work for the Link Gallery. Bravo! Don Weller (I believe a WY native) was a premier designer and illustrator in California when I was a designer in San Francisco. I am HUGE fan!

Springtime in Cheyenne

The Link Gallery is located on the street level of the refurbished, historic Plains Hotel across from the, also historic, and recently refurbished, Train Depot. Depot Plaza will be the site of the "Quick-Draw" competition that wraps up the Inaugural Wyoming Plein Air Event in August. On Capitol Avenue, the gallery is also down the street from the Wyoming state capitol building.

One final note here- to artists; if you are interested in information about the Wyoming Plein Air Event you can download the prospectus at the Link Gallery Website at www. link-gallery.com or click on the my blog link to the gallery.
Big Skies beckon!