Week 3 - Look Mom, No Hands

In class we have be exploring ABSTRACT painting.
In an effort to get away from traditional paint application (brushes) I tried to concentrate on making the paint do what it does naturally as a result of gravity. I ended up with paint on my shoes, the floor, my hair, - etc, etc.
The compositional idea at work here is sometimes called Steelyard,  also known as Mama Bear-Papa Bear, Baby Bearor Asymmetrical Composition or  Off Balance Composition.
I am sure there are other names but it is essentially a dominating element and a relating-subordinate element. Very often the dominant element is larger and the focal point as well. The small lower photo shows my dominant element and related subordinate element. I also made a strong statement as to the color that I wanted to dominate the painting.

Week 3 - Class Work - ABSTRACT

The use of dominant and subordinate shapes is very common in landscape painting:  for example - a big group of trees and a smaller isolated tree. 
But the idea of dominant and subordinate ELEMENTS is also common in abstract work.
Using some formal element, such as shape, line, color, or value,  gives us something to hang our hat on - something to build the painting around.  If I am working with the ELEMENT of shape - repeating that shape is a good way to go. 
Repetition of color, or any design element -  can be used to create a dominate idea with a subordinate to balance it.
This is how the members of the class handled the idea of a dominating element and a related subordinate element. Click on the photos to enlarge the view.
From the top these pieces belong to:
Jerri Everett,
Cathy McCurdy,
Josie Perea,
Gina Quintana,
Dee Bartee

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