Up to Our Wheelwells

High hopes and good intentions led Sue McCullough and I up into the mountains Friday. The Alamosa River Canyon road was almost a tunnel of snow and we had a few dicey moments in a snow bank as we pulled aside to let an oncoming car pass - Whoa! - the Cruiser didn't fail us tho' and we got back on the road and continued up to Jasper, a little gathering of cabins; charming and on this day absolutely silent under their snow blanket. We needed our snow shoes to get into the landscape but even if we'd had them, there was no place to safely park the car.
So frustrating! It is a beautiful day, pretty calm and a steady 25 degrees; the views are there, we just could not get to them.
So, no painting to show for the day ; very discouraging.
Tho' not a new piece - this is one I painted last year, just about this time of year in Alamosa River Canyon - except I think it was lots colder.

Valentine's Day at the Quiller Show

I cant think of a better Valentine gift than a Stephen Quiller painting. The next best thing however was the opening of his Italian Show on Saturday the 14th up in Historic Creede, Colorado. To see the entire show go to his website at www.quillergallery.com. Stephen Quiller is the premier water media painter, in the world - I think I can safely say that; and he is the consummate designer. This show represents his trip to Italy in '08 and it did not disappoint. We drove through snow and wind to arrive in the sunshine of Creede, which may be a little out of the way in the San Juans of Colorado, but it was so worth it. Known in the past for mining, Creede now actively attracts tourists to a beautiful part of Colorado and a lot of fine artists as well. February is a quiet time of year but the town makes the most of every opportunity; restaurants and shops open up for this occasion.

Taste of Creede on Memorial Day

I will be headed back up to Creede, Colorado on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-24, for the Taste of Creede Arts Festival and Fine Arts Auction. The weekend includes painting in town on Saturday and a Quick Draw and auction on Sunday morning. Call the Chamber of Commerce at 719-658-2374 for further information.
Listed as 'one of the best small art towns in America' it is worth the trip. Take Colorado Hwy. 149 from South Fork or Lake City, the heart of the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. Go to Creede's website to see more and make plans now to be in Creede for all of the art fun on Memorial Day Weekend.


From East To West

Last week we stood on the side of Mt. Blanca, in the Sangre range, that borders the San Luis Valley on the east and looked out toward the San Juans to the west. Friday we headed up to the San Juans; it was so clear we could look across and almost pinpoint where we had painted last week. Rock Creek, east of Alamosa, is one of my favorite places to paint, shoot photos or cross country ski. Sue and I have wanted to get up there for weeks but at times the snow is just too deep. Friday was perfect: snow - but not impassable; as long as we stayed where the road was plowed. Snow on the road in front of Sue is untouched, and as we found out - the hard way - very deep.
Temps were probably not above freezing but the air was absolutely still and it felt like Spring.
You really missed it Dave!
Click photos to see them larger.

Friday at Rock Creek

Here is my view of the view.
Sue and I only stayed about 2 hours. By the time we packed up, the light was seriously changing. But what an absolutely stunning day.