PAAC Show in Denver at Abend Gallery

Sue and I will head up to Denver today to be at the opening of the PAAC (Plein air Painters Colorado) Show opening at the Abend Gallery tonight. Some of the best plein air work will be in this show; painters, not only from Colorado but members of the group that come from all over the country. Sue and I, both have 4 pieces juried into this show. The entire catalog of work can be viewed online at the Abend website. Check it out at www.abendgallery.com

Painting at South Fork

Back on July 5th I spent the day in the Mountian Artisans Gallery in South Fork and painted this little 6"x8" piece from my head. I think it reflects the general lack of focus that happens when you spend time painting, talking, painting, talking.


Thank You to Arkansas Valley Art Center as the Show Closes

A very special 'Thank You' to Carolyn Rice and everyone at the Arkansas Valley Art Center who invited Eldon Warren, Alec Cooke and myself to create this plein air show 'Different Strokes'. They have a very nice venue in the Colorado Mountain College and did beautiful job of putting the show together. I can't remember when I was at an opening with so many people knowledgeable and interested in the art, and really interesting themselves. It was a pleasure.

Buena Vista Morning with Eldon Warren

On June 28th I drove up to Buena Vista to strike 'Different Strokes' plein air show at the Arkansas Valley Art Center. The payoff for the day was a chance to paint with Eldon Warren, who was one of the other 2 painters featured in the show. We met at 9am and got right to it. The day was really beautiful and it didn't take long to find views along the Arkansas River, which was running very high, punctuated by rafters who came screaming down the river at regular intervals. Above, you can see Eldon's view clearly behind him. His painting features a high horizon and a quick indication of the bike rider that flew by. The road in the foreground really sets up the view; I never saw anyone who could do so much with a road.

Buena Vista Morning with Eldon Warren

Here are our paintings together- "different strokes" for sure. I still had to put in my sky and a brief comment about the water. As you can see, that did happen.