The PAINT COLORADO show at the SPACe (Spanish Peaks Arts Council) Gallery, in LaVeta, opens this Saturday, July 18th with a reception from 5 - 7 pm. The SPACe Gallery always hangs a good show and Tim Deibler will be judging which certainly adds luster to the festivities. Alamosa painters Judith Greenwood and Heidi Algrim, as well as myself, were juried into "Paint Colorado" and we are headed over to LaVeta on Saturday for a little afternoon painting and some par T time at SPACe Gallery in the evening. If you are in the area, that would be within 100 miles, this is a great excuse to visit charming and beautiful LaVeta and view paintings with a Colorado bent.
Shown here are the pieces that I entered: Zapata Aspens, 12"x 9" and PileUp on LaVeta, 12"x 16".
View the winners on the Spanish Peaks website - Click on this link to SPACe Gallery.

Finding Our Roots- and Some Nice Views

Thursday morning 7 painters met at the site of Wayside, about a mile North of town. This little cabin is about all that is left of the original supply and ferry settlement, by the river, that predated the founding of Alamosa. Margaret Jones hosted our morning on this historic property where the great grand parents of Lloyd Jones (Margaret's late husband) raised 7 kids - yes, in that little cabin.
My painting is at the bottom - not that there is much to it. . . .
All I had was a 4 1/2"x 6" panel because I could not get to my studio - the road was being repaved. Very annoying!
Fortunately, there were a couple of small panels in my kit, but painting this small is not my favorite thing; I consider it a discipline for sure!
The day was a beautiful one tho'; sunny in the morning, giving us a chance to lay in strong shadow patterns, then we got a nice cloud cover that kept us cool.


Imagine the Perfect Afternoon

Oh wait, I don't have to imagine - I was there.
Nine painters met out at the "marsh" east of Alamosa last Tuesday and we could not have picked a more perfect evening: balmy breezes, glowing afternoon color and a mountain view that only got more spectacular as the sun dropped.
We all waited for the mountain light phenomenon - sunset version of dawn's "Alpen Glow" - and we weren't disappointed.
Blanca lit up in front of us and we had a wonderful sunset behind us. There aren't very many better ways to spend such a perfect summer evening.
My 6"x 8" piece is at the bottom.