Round Up the Dogies- We're headed for Cheyenne

It's time again for the Wyoming Plein Air Event that attracts painters from all over the country, and this year even some from abroad. Artists in Europe are coming to paint the big west and it doesn't get any bigger than in Wyoming.
Sue McCullough and I will spend a week painting the Snowy Mountains, Laramie, Cheyenne and everything will wrap up with a Quick Draw Saturday morning, August 14th, followed by a live auction. That afternoon the show will open at 2 Galleries in Cheyenne: the Link Gallery and the Deselms Gallery- within walking distance of each other.
If you are within 200 miles, this is an event worth taking in. Make a day of it in old town Cheyenne beginning with the Quick Draw at 8:30 on Depot Plaza, and afterwards bid on work you saw painted; then take in the entire show beginning at 4pm. There will be food, the artists on hand, awards and a round up of great plein air work.
Now I have to go make sure I packed my cowboy boots and those spurs I save for special occasions.

Keep the Rio Grand Grande

A premier Art Event -KEEP THE RIO GRANDE GRAND will be one of the best parties this summer with fabulous food and wine, and of course great art, all to support the conservation work of the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust.
The Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust's "Rio Grande Initiative" is dedicated to protecting the river's ranches, wildlife, and scenic beauty. If you are interested in Colorado conservation and the preservation of open spaces, as well as fine art - this event is for you. Join the over 20 artists supporting this cause at the South Fork Community Center, Saturday, Aug. 14, 6-9 pm.
Ticket Price is $30. a person.
To reserve tickets call: 719-657-0800 or info@riograndelandtrust.org
Learn more about the Land Trust at RioGrandeLandTrust.org

Class Notes: We're Painting While the Sun Shines

Summer goes by so fast.
We hang on to every day like we are grasping is from the jaws of death. As August begins I already feel a change in the air - oh so slightly - it reminds me that Fall is just around the corner. The painting class has made the most of the beautiful weather by painting out all over town: at the golf course, the wetlands, the college campus; we dodged rain drops, the college track team, and mosquitos but were rewarded with views of deer and beaver at the river, rainbows after the rain, and beautiful sunsets.
I have used the time to paint small pieces, 6"x8" and 8"x10", focusing on shapes and large scale brushwork. It doesn't hurt either, to work a small format piece when you end up with only 1/2 hour to do it. The top piece, from one afternoon at the marsh, was barely dry when I put it into a frame and delivered it to the LaVeta Fine Art Gallery; it sold with in the week.