Plein Air Around Town

My painting classes have gone strictly plein air for the Summer, in and around Alamosa; on the river, the wetlands - neighborhood gardens. The mornings have been lovely and the evenings alive with stunning sunsets.

At the top is my painting from
last Thursday morning at the
wetland north of Alamosa.
I have been using 6"x 8"
panels in class, so that
I can concentrate on
students and still
get a painting done.
Small paintings aren't
my favorite thing so
I consider it
a discipline and my focus
is on keeping it simple:
simple scene,
simple shapes,
simple brushwork
- No noodlin'.


Painting in heaven

Sarah Waldron is a friend & colleague from my designer days in San Francisco. She left the field before I did, turned herself into an award winning illustrator then great painter and fine artist.
This summer she is one of 5 artists chosen for a residency through the Maryland Institute College of Art, hosted in the medieval village of Lehon Brittany.

"The residency provides time for uninterrupted work in an inspiring and historic setting made unique by Brittany;s extraordinary light, distinctive landscape, and rich cultural traditions, a favorite location for the French Impressionists." her words.

Sarah's work proposal for the Residency was "History Reflected in the Waters". Just the title sounds so wonderful and when you see her work you will understand.
So I invite you to spend a few internet moments "in France" for beautiful photos and paintings. Use this link to Sarah's Blog.