Happy Thanksgiving

Tag Again- Your IT
Now for some more tagging: Chuck Sale, his wife Teri and I used to paint together in California; both are amazing artists, now working in photography and design. The blog is beautiful, educational and always a good read. Thanks Chuck.
Urban Sketchers is another blog I go back to again and again - for the pictures. Can't get enough of it.
Finally, the Gaffney Journal, random thoughts on art, faith, movies- always smart and thought provoking.
That's about it for now. Surfing the blog world always makes me wish I was a better writer. Alas, only ever having been an artist I must persevere at what I do the best. According to the Tag Game rules I am now supposed to put up 7 interesting things about myself. Instead, I will post my latest offering: a 7"x 5" oil done today on clay board. I ordered some clay board mini panels because everyone raves about how wonderful it is - and I am definitely a panel girl. Normally, I paint on panels gessoed with a foam brush - flat with almost no texture.
My first impression of the clayboard is good but it is hard to tell on such a small sample. One thing is for sure, clayboard is very absorbent; almost sucks the glow right out of the oils. Almost immediately I could see low spots appear.
I will keep you posted.
Look for Week 5 in Abstract Land, coming up. No class this week because of the holiday.
Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting art. Blessings this Thanksgiving.


Hearts & Stars Show in Taos

Last night at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos Sue McCullough and I attended the Hearts & Stars Miniature Show and Fund raiser for the Coalition to End Homelessness. We had paintings in the show and Sue sold one at the party -Bravo! The Wilder Nightingale Galley is always a welcoming place and one of my favorite Taos galleries; add amazing food, art, company, with the same good cause in mind and it's a good party. Some of the other artists involved were Michelle Chrisman, the primary organizer, Kemper Coley, Alan Heuer, and Elizabeth Jose, who closed the evening with some jazz vocals. Wow an artist who sings. Why am I surprised? I also found out that Alan Heuer is a classically trained clarinetist.
The show will hang until November 26th at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos. The miniature shown here did not go to Taos but I hate to post with out a visual aid.