We Had Weather in Creede

I arrived in Creede about 10 am on Saturday morning and artists were already in the streets painting, both plein air (from the view) or from sketches. In the top photo Charlie Ewing (in the blue shirt) looks to the valley where rain is quickly moving toward us. Here in Colorado approaching weather is never an "if" only a when so I took the opportunity to pull my easel out of the street onto the sidewalk and under the ONLY overhang on the block. The hardy water media artists toughed it out even as the rain poured down. I was grateful for the few feet of cover that I shared with a "Pizza by the slice" guy who really drummed up the traffic.
Artists shown here are, from the top: Charlie Ewing, Steven Quiller, Randy Pijoan, Bobby Manning and Peggy Morgan Stenmark.
In spite of rainy weather, Taste of Creede, which also included the Silver Chef cooking competition, attracted a large crowd. That evening several of us gathered at the home of Steve and Marta Quiller for a relaxed pizza dinner, great conversation and a personal tour of their art collection.
This was the highlight, and what I will remember long after the painting sales and the weather have been forgotten.


Quick Draw in Creede

Sunday's Quick Draw and auction closed the painting portion of Taste of Creede. Artists had 1 hour to do a painting and because of the intermittent rain we all gathered under the auction tent and most of us painted from sketches. Charlie Ewing, Kris Gosar, and Randy Pijoan were 3 who painted a model. The top photo shows Kris with both his painting and his model who was a passerby drafted for the occasion.
Below that is Sue being interviewed by Steven Quiller and her painting of an old truck, recognized by locals as the one rusting out just up the road. Next, David Mongomery's piece, enlarged from a small work painted the day before. At the bottom is the collection of watercolor pieces, each of which became the center of the most heated bidding and at least 2 topped out at 4 figures. Wow! Let's hear if for watercolors.

Paintings From Creede

In spite of the rain I managed to get 3 paintings finished. The top 2 pieces (9"x12" and 6"x8", respectively) are views of Creede painted from sketches done on site - when it wasn't raining.
At the bottom is my 1 hour "Quick Draw", a 9"x 12", also painted from a sketch. The Quick Draws were given as donations to the Creede Chamber of Commerce and sold at auction, which was fun, well attended in spite of the weather - and the best part - all of the work sold.