Winner: Artist's Choice

This last weekend at the Women of the West Show my painting "Bending Water" was honored as the Artist's Choice Winner. Yippee!
It is always nice to win an award, any award, but I would have to say - this is the one I most covet because it is determined in a vote by the other artists in the show. And of my works in this show - this one was the last I would have selected to win. You just never know.
Thank You to the other artists. It was a good opening and a lively night in Boulder. Thanks too, to Ron and Ann Wilcock's who put the show together at Earthwood Gallery on the Pearl street Mall in Boulder.
As to the award itself- I am sure other artists have different criteria for how they select their Artist's Choice but when I make my vote,  it is for the painting in the show that I most wish I had painted.