Stop #6 in the Abstract Universe

The compositional idea for week #6 is another repeating shape; this time based on circles as shown in the sketch on the right. Also shown is the "color wheel" (I am using the term loosely) we have been using. Not a real color wheel for mixing color but a set of colors chosen for this exercize - and, frankly, I'm getting really bored with them. This week we broke with the idea of one dominant color and one subordinate color. We chose instead 3 analogous colors (3 colors that are next to each other on the wheel)- the 3 blues and added any 2 colors across the wheel to act as subordinate or secondary colors.

Class Work at Stop #6 in the Abstract Universe

Did we really stop or are we adrift in the cosmos and peering into deep space? These paintings seem to share an 'exploding universe' quality - beautiful and mysterious.
From the top, they were done by Karen Hartney,
Judith Greenwood and
Gina Quintana

Karen Hartney, friend, physical therapist, and fellow artist will soon be leaving the San Luis Valley for an new universe in South Carolina - we will miss her.

Early Christmas Gifts

Christmas Cheer came a little early this year. The Solo Exhibition of my studio work at the San Luis Valley Medical Center closed this week and I was thrilled (I mean screaming thrilled) that the largest piece in the show, 48"x60", "Into the Woods" SOLD. - WOW!
Next, I received a very welcome check from Earthwood Gallery in Estes Park for sale of "Aspen Glen"; a 12"x16" plein air piece from Rocky Mt. National Park and the SPACe Galley sold 6"x8", "Aspen Walk" at the Gift of Art Show going on this month in LaVeta. Interesting - trees seem to be the flavor of the month. . . . .
Even in the best of times, I could never take a sale lightly but in times like these, it means so much more. I feel blessed, indeed.