Artists For PIJOAN Benefit

Saturday night's benefit to help out our friend and fellow artist, Randy Pijoan was a huge success, raising over $12,000. for the cause dear to our hearts. Over 60 pieces of art were donated by locale artists and the community came out in a big way. Almost everyone went home with something and some folks with several things. It is a tribute to Randy, but also to our Valley- one of the lowest income areas of our state but rich in the things that matter.
My piece "Follow the Star" was purchased by our Colorado State Senator, Gail Schwartz, who now owns 2 of my paintings.
I will be bumping her name from 'buyer' to 'collector' category on my mailing list.

To recap Randy's story: Before the holidays, San Luis Valley artist, Randy Pijoan took a Flight-for-Life to Denver for emergency medical needs. He is on the road to recover, but like most artists, Randy does not have health insurance.
He is a treasure in our community, encouraging to students and generous to everyone. This fund raising effort began with student artists at Adams State College who connected with Adams State College Community Partnerships' and the ASC Art Department to coordinate a local benefit. Thanks to all who participated.
If you are not familiar with the work of Randy Pijoan, click here on his name to connect to his website. Read about his life, his work, his desire to "give back", and his passion for the Ventero Open Press.