Class Notes: Summer Plein Air

Our Plein Air Class had a wonderful outdoor season in and around Alamosa; beautiful days and some stunning evenings. I wish I had a good painting from every outing - but alas, it doesn't always work that way. The best part was getting outside; encouraging long time painters, who had never painted out doors, and some absolute beginners who were willing to jump into the deep end. Bravo!
Check out Tom's plein air rig below. He has his table-top easel perched on the seat of a folding chair with the palette resting on the seat - and still plenty of room for tools etc.
Out door work seems to invite ingenuity and creativity- broadening and expanding us.
I for one will be a little sad to move back into the studio but- it's time.  As the last of the Autumn color blows off of the trees we can remember a long and productive Summer/Fall.
It is time to tighten things up a bit and our studio classes starting in November will focus on drawing skills.