Anatomy of a Commission - Shipping Out

All three of the commissioned pieces received the final OK last weekend - WHEW!
Now to dry fully so everything could be shipped. Click on the art to view it larger.
Last year at this time I was definitely a shipping novice but what a difference a year makes. One shipping disaster and a few times around the UPS counter has made me a much more savvy shipper. A client may wince at the cost of shipping but if their art investment is worth anything in the first place, it is worth protecting to the end of the line; and that would be at the client's doorstep.
These pieces are 24"x 28".
Each one is wrapped in paper, wrapped in bubble wrap and because they are the same size, put together. UPS requires at least 2" of wrap between art and box in order to insure but I have learned, the hard way - of course, a wood crate around the cardboard box is also a good form of insurance.
Bicycle boxes are very good for large art (check your local bike shop) and also the U-Haul stores carry large art boxes.
I can't wait to get these in the mail.


The day before our ArtWALK the schools were closed due to almost 8" of snow on the ground from a heavy snowfall but Saturday dawned clear and sunny. It could not have been a more perfect day bringing record numbers of shoppers to the street. There was only one small disappointment - Sue McCullough was supposed to paint with me but when snow closed the pass her return to the valley was delayed - from Spain, yes, Spain (you will have to read about that on her blog).
I enjoyed the morning painting in a warm spot across from the San Luis Valley Brewery and spent the afternoon on the town, enjoying live music, food, friends and neighbors and over 30 venues with artwork.
I celebrated Spring by painting with no gloves.
The painting above as well as several other of my pieces will be hanging in the San Luis Valley Brewery until the end of April.