From Coni Grant at PleinView Studio, wishes for a Blessed Holiday

"Alamosa Morning", 16"x12" en plein air; and Baby it's COLD outside.
Merry Christmas.

'Hearts and Stars' in Taos

The second annual Hearts and STars Miniature Show and fund raiser for the "Coalition to End Homelessness" in Taos was last Saturday nite, December 15th. A wonderful show at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery; great party, the BEST food and it was supported by artists from all over Colorado and New Mexico. My favorite piece was by Peg Immel, a Taos artist I admire. You see here my small piece,6"x4" of a San Luis Valley view called "Cottonwood Spring", framed oil on linen, $225. - And it is still available.

Daily Painter and Local Charities- Wheeeeee

"Morning Reflections", a 12"x16", plein air piece was donated to a holiday fund raiser to support local Alamosa charities and was purchased by Russ and Isabel Johnson as a Christmas gift to each other. Thank you, Russ and Isabel for supporting Alamosa charities and for supporting my work.
'Morning Reflections', 16"x12"oil on canvas. SOLD.

Daily Painter Goes to ST.Thomas

The holidays usually means giving- at least I hope so- but for the professional artist donating art- is, well, let's just say- very little of the food ends up on my plate. So I try to choose wisely as to who and what I donate to at this time of year. SEE POST: Holidays Hit The Daily Painter Broadside.
For the last 2 years I have participated in the St.Thomas Episcopal Art Auction that Katherine Benke (my rep) puts together to help support the building restoration of the Historic Episcopal Church, here is Alamosa. I was very happy when my 6"x8" piece, "Valley Morning" sold. It got me started thinking more about doing small works from larger pieces. 'Valley Morning', 6"x8"in oil. SOLD.

Working Small Paintings

These small pieces were done over the last 2 or three months anticipating events like the Monte Vista Holiday Festival, the Sacred Heart Bazaar in Alamosa. Most are 6"x8"-which is a discpline for me because I like to paint BIG. The trick is to paint BIG things small. On the left-'Ghost Ranch View' is 6"x8", oil on board and 'Blue Tree' is 6"x4", also oil on board. These come matted with a back board and in a clear cello envelope- ready to be displayed without a frame.
'Ghost Ranch View' $100 and
'Blue Tree' $85.
And to all my students who may be reading this, YES- I am using a # 8 bright brush or, at the smallest, a #6. My favorite is a # 10 bright

More Small Pieces from Coni

This first piece is from Rock Creek, actually, a small version of a 4'x5' work I did for "PLEINBREW",the SLV Brewery Show. Most plein air artists take small outdoor "sketches" and work them up larger; in my opinion, seldom to good effect. For me the greater discipline is taking a large work and trying to reproduce it small.
The second piece here is from one of my favorite views of the river, in a spot near my house.'Little Tree'-SOLD and
'River View'-SOLD

More Small Pieces from Coni

This first piece is from an autumn view I have seen many times as I have driven the road to Rock Creek. It has been kicking around in my head for over a year- had to get it out. The second was done this summer en plein air in Estes. Both pieces are 6"x8".
'Valley Autumn' oil $100 and
'BigTrees' in oil $100