In Praise of MESSY Painting

I taught 4 workshops this summer and I could not keep track of how many times I heard this apology, "my painting is really messy".
Just last week in class, I found myself explaining to a new painter who has a very distinctive technique - why she should not be  "cleaning up her act".
Why is it - everyone wants to be LOOSE, but unwilling to be MESSY?
We see "loose" as confident, maybe even disciplined, but messy is just . . . . messy.
or is it just. . . loose?
I am not a messy painter - but I keep workin' at it.
Maybe, it's because the more homogenized and tidy work I see- the more BORED I get.  My bent toward plein air painting is largely because it CAN be direct, passionate, and just this side of totally out of control.
Save the tight and tidy work for the studio.
But that is just me . . . .
So if you have a gift for "messy painting" - embrace it.  Don't compare your work with your neighbor's;  focus on the foundational skills:  design, value, strong shapes, color mastery -
and your work will improve naturally.
Those things that make you cringe today - tomorrow could be a gold mine.

Always be a learner.

This is my class demo from our morning in the park.

I have enclosed links to some painters who move in the fabulously "messy" vein.
Diane Ainsworth  http://dianeainsworth.com/workszoom/2317119

Nicolai Fechin  http://www.taosartmuseum.org/fechin.html

Walt Gonske http://waltgonske.com/workszoom/1498434

Ulrich Gleiter    http://www.ulrichgleiter.com