Plein Air a la Norman Rockwell

Back in December, a friend and Blog reader from San Diego sent me a 1930 edition of the Saturday Evening Post with this charming Rockwell cover depicting a young plein air painter trying to escape the rain. Brush between her teeth, palette, brushes, box and easel under her arm, and a pretty sweet landscape in hand, she is running for cover.
I recognize that frustrated look in her eye.
A huge fan of Norman Rockwell ever since I was small - and even then, when the magazine covers were old, I was fascinated by his technical ability as a painter and the illustrator's art of story telling.
Of all the gifts that came my way around the holidays, none gave me as much pleasure as this. Just recently, it came back from the framer and I have it hanging over my desk in the studio - where it will charm and inspire me every day I pick up a brush. Thanks to the great Norman Rockwell, truly an American original, who inspired so many painters and illustrators - and thank you David for thinking of me when you found that magazine cover.