Winner - People's Choice Award at the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Fest, Salida

The Colorado Mountain Plein Air Fest, drew 45 painters to the heart of the rockies and we enjoyed every type of weather from driving snow to burning sun. I could have done without the snow but Autumn did not disappoint. We found a great show of color in the high country, places like Marshall Pass and O'Haver Lake; as well along the Arkansas River where the grasses were ablaze with red and gold. In Colorado Fall feels a bit frantic. We anxiously count the Fall days, fret over every change of weather and try to grab each day like we were snatching it from the jaws of death.

Conversations among painters go something like this:
"Are trees in the high country changing yet?",
"Wind will blow away the leaves before they turn.",
"This week will be the peak color, for sure.",
"This year was too wet for good color.",
"This year was too dry for good color.",
"It may snow before the colors peak.", - "SNOW - NO!".

I painted for 5 days with Sally Mather, pastel and oil painter of note who lives in Salida. Click on her name to see her work.

In spite of snow and freezing temps, I came home with 8 pieces and entered these 3 into the competition and won "Peoples Choice" Award at the opening. It is always fun, and gratifying to win. This award is given to the artist whose work is chosen as the favorite of the "people", or those not in the competition. Thanks everyone.
The paintings from the top are "O'Haver Aspens", 14x11, "First & G St.", 9x11 and "Barn Dance", 9x11.


More Paintings from the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Fest, Salida, CO

The jury is still out on these pieces. I felt they had potential but did not enter them into the competition. At the top - from Ouray Wildlife Area,12x16,
From Little Cocetopa Ranch, 6x8,
From Ouray Wildlife area, 9x12,
and a view looking down on Salida, 12x16.