Western Light Show, Estes Park

August in Estes Park is almost always a little magical. Above Sue McCullough paints below me, just off Trail Ridge road looking down into the Endo Valley area of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Our week wrapped up with the Western Light Invitational show hosted by Earthwood Collections Gallery in Estes Park. This show is attended by artists from all over the west, including Maggie Renner Hellman, Cindy Carrillo, Susan McCullough, David Montgomery, Margaret Jensen, Lou Renner, James Whartman, Terri Sanchez, Jessica Wicken, Dawn Normali, Stanislav Sidorov and Yelena Sidorov - to name a few.
My piece "Stars Over the Sangres" sold at the show opening night. The lower piece shown here is a studio version, 24"x 18"- of the plein air piece featured in the post below- that went to the PAAC show this year.  This version entitled "Moraine Park" won the ARTIST's Choice award at the Western Light Exhibition and has since
Thanks everyone.
I have to say, there are few paintout/shows that I enjoy more than this one and it is mainly because Ron and Ann Wilcocks, owners of Earthwood Galleries have gathered together a stable of artists that are great people and really enjoy each other.