Class Notes: More Confident Sketches

In class we have spent this session focused on SKETCHING and DRAWING - of course, as it relates to painting- but, these things go hand in glove and I do believe that better sketches make better paintings.
If better PAINTING is the goal, it's a NO brainer.
Taking the small amount of time to do a sketch before painting will contribute to a stronger and more well designed piece - and at the same time your range of sketching will improve with the practice.
This is a two-for that is SO worth the time spent.
With that in mind, I have encouraged the class to start doing their sketching with a Sharpie marker.
If the thought of using a black marker to sketch makes you gasp for air  -  consider this:
statistics have shown that people who use a marker - will develop drawing skills with greater confidence more quickly than those who are always erasing, shifting and correcting their marks.

The benefit is huge and the upshot is more confident mark making and more confident sketches. It's not for the faint of heart - or those committed to pencil sketching.
And YES, you will do more bad sketches
but ultimately, more GOOD sketches.
I have included here 3 of my Sharpie sketches in a progression from simple to more complex:
the first, at the top is from reference and is a simple line sketch showing placement.
The second sketch was done en plein air - it shows value and placement; also called a NOTAN sketch.
The third is what I might consider a finished drawing-
or how I like to draw portraits.
I use the Sharpie fine point for most of my sketching, and I buy them by the box.
But I also love the kids Crayola markers, in black.