5/4 Time at The Durango Arts Center

'Big Trees' 36"x46".
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From Taos to Durango

I barely made it home from Taos, loaded up the van, my daughter Curran (acting as my roadie) and headed West to Durango to join four other artists of note for our "5/4 Time" show at the Durango Arts Center. All 5 artists met in Durango Wednesday morning for the first time (face to face), to hang the show that has kept us working and focused for many months.
We synced immediately and the work went up in good order. Everyone was generous and helpful; even the Arts Center staff was amazed at how quickly and happily 5 artists with such diverse work could put it all together. It looks GREAT! Now for the fun part- the Party!
The Artists Reception is this Friday night, May 9, from 5-7 pm. The show will hang may 9-30 at the Durango Arts Center, 802 E. 2nd Ave., Durango and the gallery houts are Tues.-Sat., 10 am.- 5 pm.
Paintings in the foreground are Tess Corrinne Jordan's. My painting is in the background and in the photo above the masks can be seen. They are the collaborative work of Kathy Park and Henry Woolbert. Also in the show, is Dwight Lawing, a wonderful watercolorist from the Four Corners area.

Shrimp in Walt's Garden

Officially, the paint-out lasted until Wednesday morning; I had to head home on Monday evening, but - not before joining everyone for a pre-dinner soiree at Walt Gonske's home/studio. What a gracious guy! He had a spread of shrimp, drinks, finger food, and - his fresh paintings from the weekend for our perusal. - Just pinch me - It was an absolute highlight and the end of a great paint out. The best part is the people.
Thank you, especially, to Patrice Walker from PAPNM and Leslie Allen from the PAAC for all the work put in to make it a fabulous time.

Sunday at the John Dunn Bridge

Sunday was warm along the river and about 25 painters were strung along both banks. I should have painted this group of umbrellas; maybe I still will. Kemper started his large piece in a wonderfully loose fashion and Sue and I were part of this group lined up overlooking the rafting action on the river. We were also staring right into the sun; my eyes got a little toasted.

Daily Painter, Just back from Taos

On Saturday Sue Mc and joined the PAAC, Plein Air Artists of Colorado and the PAPNM, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico for a combined paint out in Taos. Above is part of our group, bright and early at the gorge: Depy Adams, Kemper Coley, Mary Ann Warner and Ken Daggett. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
I was positioned closer to the edge of the rim, looking down into the gorge.