Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and for me that means
"The Taste of Creede".  A kick off for the summer season in one of Colorado's most colorful and classic high country mining towns. Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, Creede is a town that loves tourists and a holiday up there is always memorable.
The main event for me will be the Artist's Quick Draw on Sunday at 1 pm right on Main Street in downtown.
Stephen Quiller (internationally known artist and writer) hosts this party and it attracts some of the best artists from several states including Kris Gosar, David Montgomery,  Peggy Stenmark Morgan, Charles Ewing, Jan Thompson, Frankie Will, Sue McCullough and myself - to name a few. We all paint together under a tent, usually sharing the space with a couple of models. There is always a lot of jostling, elbow throwing and general good fun as artists put on a show for the crowd.
Quick Draw fun starts at 1 pm and there will be an auction immediately following. This is a chance to bid on work that you watched being done by top artists.
Creede will be the site of a lot of holiday partying - live music, vendors, Silver Chef Competition, stuff for kids and the National small Prints Show at the Creede Repertory Theatre;
all well worth the beautiful drive into the mountains.
Have a great holiday.
I am still struggling with this "NEW" and supposedly improved Blogger and lost a few posts here and there. OUT THERE somewhere is a post that lets you know that I have a new Website, one I am very excited to share.  That post is refusing to show up so I am adding it here.
Check out my new Website at ConiGrant.com.
A whole new look and  some new work as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

New Website!

I am excited, and relieved to announce the publishing of a new Website for ConiGrant.com. A clean new look, and new work. This last year, after some arm twisting, my tech friend convinced me to develop, publish and handle my website - by myself.
The new site covers similar information but in a new format and hopefully, easy and quick to negotiate. I hope you will take a look at ConiGrant.com, and if you have comments- let me know what you think.