Spring ? ? ? Where's the GREEN?

Spring is finally coming to our part of the country. You would never know by the views or snow covered mountains but temps are rising and that is always a good sign.
Last week, David Montgomery and I went east towards LaVeta Pass- looking, for something -not sure what, but we finally pulled over on the road and just started walking around. I am not very patient, or willing to spend a lot of time looking for a certain thing, but am more inclined to find a view with what is available. In this case, the bushes and fence served but I came home rather cranky about all the BROWN landscape.
I guess I haven't been getting out enough.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

SMall Works Show and Party

Most of the San Luis Valley Painters gathered last Sunday in Milagros Coffee House for our SMall Works Show party. It was a pleasure to share it with the community and people passing through from as far away as Santa Fe (3 hours away) joined in our Art celebration; some even took a painting home with them. As part of the festivities, everyone was encouraged to vote for their "favorite" painting. The honor went to Brown Cow by Kayleith Pellandini; by an overwhelming margin.
Kayleith could not stay for the
photos so a young admirer stood in for her.
Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks, also to Milagros Coffee House and the community who are helping to spread Red (sales) dots all over the walls. The SLV Painters are donating 20% of all sales to the Milagros fund for our community.
This show will hang until Friday March 30th.