Tagging in the Painting Playground

I have been tagged- that's a good thing, I think. Eldon Warren is always running ahead of the pack, encouraging (me at least) to expand my blogging horizons- and it's working.
I am supposed to Link to the person who tagged me, then tag seven bloggers (that I follow), comment on their blog and add a link to their blog; then see if I can get them to pick up the baton. Do I even know 7 people to tag? We'll see. Participation is voluntary so here goes. One more thing: List 7 unusual things about myself. Hmmmm.
First there is Eldon Warren, who I have to point back to as one of my favorite artist-bloggers. There is so much to be learned by just looking at his work, it is practically required reading for my student painters.
Sue McCullough, my good friend and an award winning plein air painter. I am so lucky to have her as a painting buddy. Sue has gotten me to paint out in 10 degree weather; what an inspiration. Right now she is blogging about a studio in process- check it out.
I also follow the work of fellow High Desert Painter from North Carolina Jana VanWyk. I have Jana to thank for getting me blogging.
Judith Greenwood is a beginning blogger but no babe in the art woods. Long time designer and professional artist, I want to encourage her blog in every way.
Well, that's a start. NOW get thee to the studio.


Week 4 - Abstract Mania

Well, I didn't go home with paint all over my shoes this week - maybe I should have....
This week the compositional idea was made up of horizontal shapes and lines - very landscape-like;
- funny, in the landscape, I only see shapes; in these shapes,
the landscape appears.
Here is my sketch, then the first brush strokes to establish the compositional idea - and the final at the top.
I did concentrate on staying in the right side of the brain, and that means actively working with the visual, spacial, and perceptual information. It helps to stay process focused and not product focused. View the class's paintings below.

Lost in Abstract Mania - Week 4 Class Paintings

Part of this "abstract" discussion has led us to thinking about how we function creatively. Art tends to be non-verbal, perceptual, spacial, intuitive and often paradoxical - characteristics embraced by the right side of the brain. Though we don't all process information that way,
with practice, we can help our brains get better at it. Isn't that good to know?
One of the best books on this subject, and creativity in general, is "Drawing on the Artist Within" by Betty Edwards, who also wrote, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".
The paintings to the right belong to the artists in this order:
1. Karen Hartney
2. Gina Quintana
3. Dee Bartee
4. Jerri Everett
5. Jerri Everett

More week 4 Class Paintings

I found this wonderful quote in Betty Edward's book, originally from The Art and Science of Creativity, 1965, "Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. ...Hence, to think creatively we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted." George Kneller

Whoa, George, you just said a mouthful.

About now - both sides of my brain are tired; time to sign off on the posting for week 4.
The paintings to the right belong to the artists in this order:
1. Josie Perea
2. Judith Greenwood
3. Judith Greenwood
4. Judith Greenwood
5. Judith Greenwood
Scroll down to the post And Now For Something Completely Different to read my general guidelines for non-representational painting.

High Desert Painters, On line SHOW

I am very excited to announce the first High Desert Painters, On line SHOW.
On view is the best of what this international plein air group produced at our annual Ghost Ranch paint out, this last October. The group includes: Ann Templeton of Texas, Jana Van Wyk, of North Carolina, Janis Loverin of New Mexico, Nelson Hubley from Novia Scotia, and Judy Howells and Nita Harper, both from California, and myself.
All plein air painters, we have painted together for several years. Our varied places of origin and distinctive painting styles create a breadth in the group from traditional to contemporary. Check it out by scrolling up to the right to the LINKS and click on the High Desert Painters Link to view the show.


Commercial Break for Hearts and Stars

Party Alert. We never need an excuse to go to Taos but if you do - here is a good one: this Saturday night, November 22 is the Hearts and Stars Miniature Show and fund raiser to benefit the Taos Coalition to End Homelessness.
Festivities begin at 5 pm at the Wilder Nightingale Fine Art Gallery, 119 Kit Carson Rd. in Taos, New Mexico.
There is a small donation at the door but this party is the best combination of amazing art, atmosphere and great food. Artists represented by the best galleries in Santa Fe and Taos are involved and the show will hang until November 25th. Come out, do some Christmas shopping and support a good cause at the same time.
These two pieces are my miniature offerings; both are 6"x 4" and were created specifically for this show.