Great Sand Dunes National Park, Art Exhibition

The water is flowing at Medano Creek. Its time to come to the Dunes and hit the "beach". I have a piece in the Summer Art Exhibition at the Visitor Center curated by Patrick Myers, artist and Park Ranger.
'Between Two Trees',20"x16" en plein air.


Anonymous said...

Hi Coni!

I see you found out how to turn on comments for your blog!

love this painting, Jana

Anonymous said...

Coni, ok here is my critique:
- good colors and subject
- I think the 2 trees are too symetrical, make one bigger, shorter or change somehow so those two shapes are not the same.
- I don't see a center of interest, it should probably have one that is more obvious.

hope it sells!!! Jana

Patrick Myers said...

We are very blessed to have an artist of the caliber of Coni Grant in the San Luis Valley. Students, you can learn much from Coni, not only the craft of composition, values, and color, but also the deeper meanings inherent in excellent painting. Her passion for connecting with both nature and human-made environments is infused with the depth of her Christian faith. Many of her paintings could hang as easily in a church as in a gallery, where one could reflect on them as the stained glass windows of centuries past.

Patrick Myers