Daily Painter Goes Out in the COLD

Monday, Sue McCullough and I braved the cold to paint in Alamosa River Canyon. It is amazing to me that it can be about 8 degrees in the valley and actually 10-12 degrees warmer in the mountains. Either way, it was a great day and 2 Bighorn sheep crossed the road right in front of us - beautiful! We painted by the river for a couple of hours (thankfully, in the sunshine) then headed down the hill to paint near the tracks in Monte Vista.
'Below Freezing', 16"x12"oil, $375.
This was my original title but someone suggested that viewers might not want to feel the cold - and it WAS cold. Anyway, I am changing the title to "Sunny Spot". I guess that "feels" better.

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Wendy said...

What a gorgeous interpretive piece. Love the colors. And living in Minnesota, I can feel the cold!
Thanks for sharing your work.