Gallery News, GRAND OPENING in Cheyenne

The Link Gallery, which, up to January, featured my work in Estes Park, has moved and after a month of renovation is now open in the historic, old town section of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Link Gallery is owned and operated by Rebecca Barrett, a Brit with a passion for fine art, who I think, has already won the heart of this ol'cowboy town. Rebecca has the energy of a small nuclear power plant and the enthusiasm to drive it; it won't be long before she'll have all of Cheyenne at her doorstep.
The more I hear about Wyoming, the more I like it.
Check out the Grand Opening on March 29th, in Cheyenne at
1609 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001
or online at www.link-gallery.com. It will be a great party and I plan to be there.

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