Road trip and New Gallery

Friday we took a little road trip, over the mountains and through the pass. Alamosa never got the expected blizzard, but LaVeta Pass was pretty treacherous. Crossing over the summit we were greeted by the sight of a Dominos Pizza, 18 wheeler, on the left of the road, jack knifed and on it's side. That was the worst of it, and once we passed Monument Hill, north of the Springs, it was sunny and beautiful. We took advantage of the long weekend to get out of town (yay!) and I delivered 7 paintings to a new gallery: Earthwood Gallery, on the, oh-so-fun, Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Earthwood will now represent me in Boulder and Estes Park.


Anonymous said...

Hi Coni! thanks for the blog updates!

I'm bustin' to paint. check out my new website (still a problem with the banner) www.janavanwyk.com

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Nice shop.
Sounds like a new location
could bring new adventures
in store for you.
See you soon.
Carol W.