Week 3 - Look Mom, No Hands

In an effort to get away from traditional paint application (brushes) I tried to concentrate on making the paint do what it does naturally as a result of gravity. I ended up with paint on my shoes, the floor etc, etc.
The compositional idea at work here is sometimes called Steelyard, also known as Mama Bear-Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Asymmetrical Composition or Off Balance Composition. I am sure there are other names but it is essentially a dominating element and a relating-subordinate element. Very often the dominant element is larger and the focal point as well. The small lower photo shows my dominant element and related subordinate element. I also made a strong statement as to the color that I wanted to dominate the painting.

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Eldon Warren said...

I've got this 30x40 that's calling "abstract fun" to me.
I really really like the gravity process painting. "Bold" is a good way to describe it. One of my favorites for sure.