Week 5 - Abstract Land - it can be heaven, or not

I am finally sitting down to add some copy to these photos; and it's not 2 in the morning. Yay!
Week five's compositional idea is a repeating shape and in this case it is the rectangle- or square. My sketch is there at the bottom, and very linear, but it is only a starting place.
The orange painting was the first - shape after shape after shape. In the blue piece I started with black shapes, obliterated them, built new shapes and did the same; about the time it became too busy with tedious little shapes I would cover it and build it up again.
Last week I talked about trying to stay process focused, and actively working with the right side of the brain. That would be the part considered most visual and certainly the most perceptual and intuitive. Non-artists think that this is where artists live - I wish. Art is not magic. In reality, creating art takes concerted effort, technical knowledge and some idea about putting it together; things that the left side of the brain is better at. But there are times when art seems like magic. This could be either, when it is flowing so well you can't believe it or so not-working, you think you've lost it. So we swing between the two poles that are moments, sometimes even minutes, when the music takes you away and paint flows for pure pleasure and that sudden blip in the creative flow that can stop you cold and grip you with fear.


AngelCatPainter said...

Wow Coni,
The blue painting is my absolute favorite so far!!! Has a depth and subtlety that is strong and atmospheric.....
See you on Thursday for the next chapter in abstract-land!


eldon warren said...

Done both, "flowing so well" and "not working". Wierd how I can take credit for the "not working" but wonder where the "flowing so well" comes from and there are times, I think, when I'm not using either side of my brain. That's when I, like Ozzie, start texting.

I really like that Urban Sketchers blog too from a post ot two ago. Makes me want to pull out the pen and ink.

Neat stuff yer doin too. I keep sayin I'm gonna do some abstract work. One of these days for sure. :)