Stop #6 in the Abstract Universe

The compositional idea for week #6 is another repeating shape; this time based on circles as shown in the sketch on the right. Also shown is the "color wheel" (I am using the term loosely) we have been using. Not a real color wheel for mixing color but a set of colors chosen for this exercize - and, frankly, I'm getting really bored with them. This week we broke with the idea of one dominant color and one subordinate color. We chose instead 3 analogous colors (3 colors that are next to each other on the wheel)- the 3 blues and added any 2 colors across the wheel to act as subordinate or secondary colors.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Coni,

It is a great delight to follow your work here. I like the direction you are taking. I intend to begin working up from a photographic base into more impressionistic and even expressionistic realms.

More later.