We could always make Lemonade

Are all of your photos lemons? Two photos, from above, and two sketches came together for this layout. I emphasized the diagonal shapes and used strong verticals to break up those shapes. If the viewer was a squirrel it would be possible to enter at the bottom follow the diagonals to the trees, scamper up the trees, through the branches, down the other side, into the distant trees to do the same thing.
I have used colors in the middle and background, that come forward instead of receding. This breaks a few traditional rules of distance in the landscape but serves to abstract the view in a way that suits me.
That doesn't mean I won't tweak it a bit while it is still wet.

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David Roberts said...


The thin arched limbs suggest a coved ceiling entrance, inviting one toward the open sunlit 'stage'...my inner squirrel would venture in but probably skirt the treeline. Great balance of color! Marvelous, compelling architecture in this piece. Thanks!