Anatomy of a Commission - Who's Doing It?

Spring has come a little early to southern Colorado - never like a lamb; more like a fury of raging wind. I have painted in rain, snow and really cold temps, but wind - I can't go there. Maybe it is a good thing because I have 3 commissions due at the end of the month and if the weather was more accommodating I would begrudge the time in my studio to do them.
So, what's up with Commissions? Who is doing them?
Artists who are willing to work for hire.
I know of several serious artists who have carved out a niche for themselves in the commission market, even in this economy. One artist paints "Home Portraits" and one paints pets. They market themselves in various ways but once you have few satisfied customers - news gets around.
If you are willing and your friends know - be prepared when they ask.
Commissions range from individual paintings to large jobs that might be a mural or series of paintings for a home or office.
More about where my commission came from and how it is going - when I post next.

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